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BCSCA Virtual Counselling Resources

School Counsellors have varying experience and comfort levels with the use of virtual tools and platforms.  Along with considerations on how to use technology in their professional practice, school counsellors are faced with ethical considerations and what would be considered "best practice." This has especially been thrust into the forefront with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The resources found posted in the table below are a starting point for supporting our school counselling colleagues as they consider how their professional practice may change, not only as a result of COVID-19, but with the introduction and growth of technological and digital platforms in the school counselling milieu. The BCSCA Executive collaborated and curated these resources in consultation with other professional associations with the aim of supporting school counsellors.  The purpose of providing these resources is to ensure we offer an effective, safe and secure service while minimizing risk and protecting the students and families we support. Further resources and documents will be added as they are compiled and completed.  Please forward all inquiries, questions, comments, or additional insights to bcsca.executive@gmail.com.  

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Name of Resource and Link to Source Document
 Version/Version Date
 V.1 / April 21, 2020
 V.1 / April 21, 2020
  V.1 / April 21, 2020
  V.1 / April 21, 2020
  V.1 / April 21, 2020

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BCSCA - COVID-19 Initial Response and Support

MESSAGE FROM BC School Counsellors Association Executive REGARDING COVID-19

The BC School Counsellor Association is prepared to support BC School Counsellors through these unprecedented times and the uncharted territory that school counsellors and schools in general face.  We plan to lead the coming together of school counsellors from across BC to share ideas and work together to ease the burden that the COVID-19 places on school counsellors.  READ MORE HERE TO SEE STATEMENT

BCSCA Position Statement on the Use of Virtual Tools, Applications, Platforms in School Counselling Practice

April 1, 2020 - In light of recent events with the COVID-19 pandemic and Government of British Columbia Ministry of Education announcements that affect the professional practice of school counsellors in BC, the BCSCA Executive has developed a position statement regarding the use of virtual tools, application, and platforms.  You can read the position statement here or by visiting the BCSCA Position Statements webpage.  Questions, concerns, or requests for clarification can be forwarded to bcsca.executive@gmail.com.

The Spring/Summer 2020 Edition of BC Counsellor Now Out!

Your copy is being sent out and should be in your mailboxes shortly.  As well, the Spring/Summer 2020 Issue of BC Counsellor is now available on a fully interactive online platform optimized for mobile reading.

Included in the Spring/Summer Edition:

  • To Hear The Truth - understanding our biases and the injustices that have affected the students we serve.
  • Tribal Theory - Making Meaning of Adversity, Crisis, and Trauma
  • Cell phone use - survey results and considerations on the growing use of cells in elementary school settings

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School counselling in Canada is thriving - be part of something great through membership in the CCPA School Counsellors Chapter.

Originating in 2000, the School Counsellors Chapter is a growing professional group of CCPA. The Chapter aims to provide elementary and secondary school counsellors in Canadian private and public schools with access to professional development, open discussion and networking, advocacy, and research opportunities.

The Chapter members come from all Canadian provinces and territories. Students and international members also belong to the Chapter. CCPA members who are school counsellors, or other CCPA members interested in the school counselling profession, may join the School Counsellors Chapter for a fee of $15 per year.

The majority of Chapter members have chosen to attain the “Canadian Certified Counsellor” (C.C.C.) designation.

Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA)

School Counselling Chapter >>>

As a group, the CAI represents a varied cross section of interest and experience. Our collective expertise stems from lived experience, research, advocacy, volunteer and work practice. Our members are drawn from community social services, business, labour, government, Aboriginal leadership agencies and representatives from the BC Alliance for Mental Health/Illness and Addiction.  

E.R.A.S.E stands for Expect  Respect and a Safe Education.  

The province’s 10-point ERASE Bullying Strategy, which includes the launch of the new ERASEBullying.ca web portal and the new ReportBullyingBC.ca online reporting tool. The new website provides vital information, links and tips for parents and students while the new online reporting tool provides students a secure and anonymous way to report instances of bullying, threats and other safety concerns.