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President's Welcome


Norberta Heinrichs B.Ed., M.A. RCC, SEP. is a high school counsellor in Parksville (SD69) and RCC in private practice. She also volunteers for the BCTF Internal Mediation Services. Her passion is advocating for members through bargaining and mentorship.

Dear BC School Counsellors’ Association (BCSCA) membership,

It is a pleasure and an honour to introduce myself to you as the new President of the BCSCA. My name is Norberta Heinrichs and I am writing to you from the Coast Salish unceded territory of the Qualicum First Nations. My privilege started when my father followed a group of Portuguese settlers from an island in the Atlantic to another island in the Pacific, later sending for my mother and their unborn child.

I have been an educator since 1990 and have taught grades 3 to 12 at various schools. In 2011, I began a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology while serving in leadership roles for my local union. Today, I work as a high school counsellor in SD69 and as a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) in private practice.


I am thrilled to continue to serve this great organization as president, having previously taken on the Membership Chair and Secretary roles. Dave Mackenzie, our former president, has been a mentor to me over the years. At the 2023 BCSCA Conference, Dave spoke about our responsibility to “Gather the voices of counsellors in advocacy.” My goal is to continue that work: to amplify the voices of school counsellors through purposeful work that unites and guides us through the blessings and challenges ahead.


The BCSCA is working to (1) enhance the awareness of school counsellors as qualified mental health professionals, (2) support school counsellors’ wellbeing, and (3) improve students’ access to school counsellors. These goals, which were shared at the Annual General Meeting, guide the initiatives established by our team.

It is with absolute admiration that I introduce you to your BCSCA Executive team. These volunteers, through their gifts and talents, will communicate and engage with membership, facilitate and advocate for professional development,  liaise with organizations, and address concerns in order to strengthen and support this professional body.


Norberta Heinrichs

Meet Our Team


Katie DeReus B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. RCC is an elementary school counsellor in Coquitlam (SD43) who also works in private practice supporting children and families in the Lower Mainland. She is passionate about the transformational powers of play and relationship for kids and their grownups.

VP Advocacy

Danniel Lin is a secondary school counsellor in the VSB (#39). He has served as Union Staff Rep, Department Head, current Vancouver Secondary School Counsellors’ Association President, and also works in private practice. He is grateful to the BCSCA membership for the opportunity to listen, learn, and lead.


Shannon Confortin B.Ed., M.C. is a high school counsellor in Parksville (SD69) who has served in various roles with the BCSCA. She loves connecting with other counsellors around BC and how the collaboration, dedication, and passion of our executive invigorates her work with students.

Will Headshot.jpg

William Nicholls-Allison B.Sc., B.Ed., M.A., CCC, RCC. is an elementary school counsellor in Victoria (SD61) and RCC. He also teaches guest lectures on the Person-Centred Approach and Trauma-Informed Practice. Since 2022, he has steadfastly advocated for Guaranteed Access to Mental Health Care for Every Child.


Sharon Sall B.A., B.Ed., Post Bac., M.A., RCC is a high school counsellor in Surrey (SD36) and RCC whose passion is meeting counsellors from around BC and advocating for common goals. She facilitates drunk driving courses, educating people on the driving laws of BC.

VP Professional Development

Katherine Brach B.Ed., M.C., CCC is a high school counsellor in Comox (SD71) where she settled after years teaching in Northern Canada. She is passionate about creative art therapy but also enjoys crafting a perfectly balanced timetable in MYED. She loves connecting with colleagues across BC and sharing learning together.


Aron Reusch is an elementary school counsellor, ELL, LA, and SPED teacher so he can stay in one building all week. He works in a Prince George (SD57) school as well as in private practice for neurodiverse people. He joined the BCSCA to provide computer and technical support.

Local Liason

Rebecca Britten s a high school counsellor in West Vancouver (SD45) and also works as a private practitioner in Vancouver. She is passionate about effective supervision for school counsellors, reducing mental health stigma, and supporting LGBTQIA2S+ youth.

Giroux profile pic May 2023.jpeg
VP Wellness

Shirley Giroux is the school counsellor in Valemount (SD57). She is an experienced teacher and RCC who holds a PhD in Health Sciences, for which her award-winning research investigated ways female teachers in BC enact resilience when caring for students all day while also having care responsibilities at home.

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