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October Retreat, 2024

Updated: May 26

The BCSCA is hosting a day-long retreat for school counsellors on October 26, 2024 (the day after the Fall Conference) in downtown Victoria. This day long retreat invites participants to reflect on what they might learn from their own stories personally and professionally. Drawing on the work of Circles of Trust through the Centre for Courage and Renewal, participants will have opportunities for rest, reflection, and renewal as they engage in guided reflective practices about how they have been storied through various systems of oppression and how they might re-story themselves to reclaim their power, identity, and integrity as educators, as mental health professionals, and as humans living and working in a complicated time. This session will be guided by Vidya Shah and Shirley Giroux, who are facilitators with the Centre for Courage and Renewal and seasoned educators. Registration will open in September.

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