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What is the List Serve?

The BCSCA list-serve is an e-mail list of almost 600 BC School Counsellors provided on the BCTF server. This is not a "chat-line" because you are not on-line with the other members. You are simply receiving and sending e-mail messages, but to a large group instead of to individuals.

List-serve Policy

If you choose to be a Member of the BCSCA listserv, you must agree to not to publish on the list-serv any information that violates or infringes upon the rights of any other person, or any information that would be abusive, profane or deemed sexually offensive, or which contains advertising or solicitation of other members to use goods or services. The BCSCA does not allow any postings that are commercial in nature or which would result in a recurring income.

What can it do for me?

It is an electronic resource which allows you to read messages and notices of interest to Counsellors. For example, you will receive news and messages from the BCSCA including meetings of interest and Conference info, government policy initiatives of interest to Counsellors, post-graduate counsellor education program notices from Universities. You may also be surveyed by the BCSCA Executive for your opinion on Conference details, on policy initiatives and on bargaining positions.  The list-serv can also be used to discuss ethics issues, examine case studies, and request program and resources information from your fellow Counsellors.

How do I Join?

See the sign up information above or to the side of this text box.

What if I want my e-mail address taken off the listserve?

You can quit any time you want.

To Unsubscribe

Go to  https://bctf.ca/forms/PSAEmailLists.aspx,  enter your email address and info.

Be sure to select the BCSCA List serve and select LEAVE.

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