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Professional Development OPPORTUNITIES

COMING SOON CBT Skills Training for School Counsellors

FALL 2016

Based upon some additional planning conversations and feedback, we have decided, on account of busy schedules at the end of the year and timing, to launch the CBT skills training course this Fall. 

This will help us all engage with this exciting training opportunity, being tailored for school counsellors across the province, as fully as possible. To help ensure the membership is fully up-to-speed, CMHA BC and BCSCA will be co-hosting 2 webinars between now and the end of the school year. The objective of these webinars is for CMHA BC to get to know the membership as fully as possible, especially in the area of their interests in CBT skills training, and for the membership to get a clear sense of what will be involved in the Fall.

There is good interest in the membership in this training. We want to ensure maximum reach and capacity to undertake what is promising to be an exciting piece of work, with important significance for school mental health. 

Thanks all and we will be in touch very shortly with two dates for webinars to help catch you up about this exciting initiative brought to you by BCSCA.


New Opportunities

Understanding Mental Illness in Children and Youth

Mar 01, Vancouver, BC
This workshop will provide a general overview of the common mental health issues for children and youth, signs, and symptoms, themes for treatment, and the controversies that surround some of the diagnoses. For more information:
http://ca.ctrinstitute.com/workshops/understanding-mental-illness-in-children-vancouver2017/ Email: [email protected]
Phone 204-452-9199

SEL in Motion: Innovative SEL Programs (Live Webinar)
Mar 10, Online
SEL in Motion: Innovative SEL Programs is Part Three of the Three-Part webinar series on Social & Emotional Learning in Teacher Preparation (SEL TEd). Join hosts Maria LeRose and SEL expert Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl for part three of our three-part webinar series on Friday, March 10th at 10:00 a.m. (PST) as they showcase current exemplary teacher training courses/strategies that integrate SEL, and has research speaking to the impact of these training courses. Special guests will be joining Maria and Kim throughout the hour, including:
Mark Greenberg, Penn State University, Dr. Mark Greenbergs research interests include intervening in the developmental processes in risk and non-risk populations with a specific emphasis on aggression, violence, and externalizing disorders; promoting healthy social and emotional development through school-based prevention; the study of community partnerships and the diffusion of evidence-based programs; the study of contemplative practices and mindfulness interventions; the interface of neuroscience, molecular genetics and prevention. Nancy Markowitz, San Jose State University, Dr. Nancy Markowit work has concentrated on pre-service teacher preparation, developing the state-of-the-art credential program known as the TE Collaborative Intern Program, and university/district partnerships that span pre-service and beginning teacher professional development. She is Director of the new Center for Reaching and Teaching the Whole Child at SJSU that focuses on the social-emotional dimension of learning and its relationship to academic achievement. Patricia Jennings, University of Virginia, Dr. Patricia Jennings is particularly focused on applying recent findings on mindfulness-based approaches to reducing teacher and student stress and improving teaching and learning environments. She is committed to applying this research to improve pre-service teacher education at the pre-K and elementary levels. Shannon Beth Wanless, University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Shannon Wanless research focuses on helping early childhood educators use social-emotional teaching practices and race-related teaching practices to improve childrens sense of psychological safety to learn at school. Her research lab focuses on implementation science, social-emotional learning, and increasing teacher capacity to help children of all races and cultural backgrounds to engage in learning.Rester and learn more http://ecps.educ.ubc.ca/sel-in-motion-innovative-sel-programs/

Trauma Strategies for Resolving the Impact of Post-Traumatic Stress
Mar 27 to Mar 28, Vancouver, BC
This workshop provides a framework which describes different stages in resolving the impact of trauma, and includes key principles and strategies for working with individuals.
For more information: http://ca.ctrinstitute.com/workshops/trauma-vancouver2017/
Email: [email protected]
Phone 204-452-9199

Save Your Sanity
Apr 03 to Apr 04, Prince George, BC
Colleen DeVeyrac will be presenting her one day and two day workshop in Prince George at the Ramada Hotel, 444 George Street. Day 1 Behaviour Workshop-Proactive Strategies for Children with Challenging Behaviour. Day 2 The Art of De-Escalation and Conflict Resolution. You can attend one day or both days. www.saveyoursanity.ca
or contact us at 250 572 4144.

Anxiety Practical Intervention Strategies
Apr 24, Vancouver, BC
This workshop provides practical and accessible strategies which can be applied across the lifespan and address the physical, emotional, cognitive and social aspects of anxiety.
For more information: http://ca.ctrinstitute.com/workshops/anxiety-vancouver-4-24-17/ Email: [email protected]
Phone 204-452-9199